16 thoughts on “Google just dropped a feed reader”

  1. One note, everybody forgets about Kinja but it rocks for quickly surveying rss feeds….uses the “river of news” approach and is much lighter-weight than Bloglines.

    (no i’m not affiliated with it 😉

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  3. it would be interesting to see the concept of the Context search feature that yahoo is exploring, in conjunction with reading an particular item to see more info – somewhat like alexa.com but not at a site level.


    On second thought, maybe that would just be the Related links feature that google already has?

  4. I wonder about some of the design choices. I’m not finding an option to group my feeds, I can only see each individual post as it comes in. Also, I can’t update the official Google blog through Bloglines since Reader launched. What an interesting coincidence.

  5. Actually I think the Google Read is pretty cool, and since its going to be used by thousands upon thousands of people, it will probably end up being devved up quite well.

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