9 thoughts on “Google launches the "power of the internet" campaign”

  1. I think this is a great initiative by Google. At least they’re using their popularity and stronghold in providing the user a great platform to speak their voice.
    The governments will try and break the spirit of the internet by trying to pass illogical laws but we as users will define the internet at the end.
    Cheers to Google (its been a while)!

  2. The internet is the power to stop Google from also sending us profiled search results and give us just the facts!!!!

  3. I just hope Google means it because google no longer just gives the articles for a search they give the profiled search results

  4. the internet is the most free asset in the world today,i agree with you dmd extra,there alot of potentials in the net,information,meeting people,libraries,voicing your opinions and sharing pics and Killeen Real Estate

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