19 thoughts on “And Now Google Is Making Its Own 10-Gigabit Switches”

  1. Urs Holzle of Google, in a minor part of a presentation at one of their engineering open houses back in 2005, talked about how then current switch manufacturers weren’t making products appopriate to Google’s needs. That is, they were too general purpose and thus consumed too much power and space to scale well for Google. He mentioned the possibility of building custom switches in an off-handed, casual way, in the midst of alot of other topics. So this just feels like the other shoe dropping…

  2. Cisco is in online software business (WebEx, Securent, etc.) while Google is getting into building routers. The world as we know it is falling apart.

    Or does this mean Apple with its I-build-everything approach was right all along and all these guys are just now realizing the value that can be created if you can design the entire system?

    Time will tell – but for now it must be really confusing for a Cisco networking guru, Apple phone guru, etc. to be getting phone calls from a search and ad company!

  3. I would be curious to know if Google is also using the protocol stack and Network OS that Broadcom acquired when they purchased LVL7 Systems. I can’t imaging them trying to recreate the wheel.

  4. Chill people, Google is the 4th largest server manufacturer in the U.S. and it hasn’t hurt any of the server manufacturers. Servers just had their best quarter ever. If Google builds their own switches it means that switches will start having a great quarter. Google is just a proxy for what technology is critical for the next wave of cloud computing.

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