2 thoughts on “Google Web Accelerator Dumbness…. take three”

  1. Om,

    Why is it that if an accelerator doesn’t matter on a broadband connection that I saved an hour last week using the Google Accelerator on a broadband line? This seems kind of meaningful to me in terms of personal productivity. Both at work and at home I have consistently saved time.

    I have not seen anyone yet challenge the “time saved” concept of the accelerator. This “time savedâ€? feature seems to be a smart marketing move on the part of Google to prove to people that they are in fact saving time even on a broadband connection.

    Granted, I’m a bit obsessive about surfing the net (in order to save an hour I viewed over 3,000 pages), but for someone like me who is a heavy internet user, the Accelerator seems to make sense.

    What are your thoughts on this time saved?

  2. It’s not a question of bandwidth. It’s latency and GWA can speed that up in many situations, including broadband.

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