7 thoughts on “Google Sued For GTalk-VoIP Patent”

  1. IANAL, but that patent hardly looks relevant to what Google is doing..at least the ‘085 patent. It references specifically and extensively telephone parts and widgets. If Google was a “normal” VOIP provider that used a telephone, I could see that being construed as a violation of the patent. As it stands, though, I’d be surprised if Google doesn’t put up a fight over this patent’s applicability.

    Just my $0.02.


  2. This looks like an issue the AOL deal can fix. Since Google and AOL plan to make their instant messaging systems talk to each other, how difficult would it be for Google to license TotalTalk and use it in GTalk?

  3. RTI and Mr Weinberger,its president were the same company/people that tried to disrupt the private pay telephone industry in the late 80’s and early 90’s with similar patent cases as they related to private pay telephone equipment’s call rating technology embeded in the equipment,
    I will have to look into it further? etc…

  4. I believe that the future of VoIP does not reside with the equipment manufacturers. That is whay we started Virttel Networks a totally software solution for VoIP that is very Business Friendly and to date is the only ‘Secure’ VoIP that we can find.

  5. I cannot believe this … I used to work for a PBX company back in 1985 and Gerry Weinberger’s RTI had a deal with them to provide them with a Least Cost Routing database for every PBX customer… My job was to help RTI move their software on a VAX/VMS from a Radio-Shack TRS-80 system … In the middle of the project, this guy tried to hire me offering me $ 25K on top of what I was making at that time – some businessman … My company almost sued him – I wish they had done it…

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