14 thoughts on “Google Talk Federates”

  1. works great with gizmo project. i just set it up with some gtalk buddies. very seamless. i hope i’ll be able to call gtalk users with gizmo soon too. makes IM more like email…

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  4. I’m assuming that with full interoperability, we will be able to utilize the high quality Gips codecs across the various clients. Can anyone verify this? Earthlink, Gizmo, and Google all use Gips software and codecs.

  5. rick,

    just to clarify this is not a voip/sip exchange kind of interop as of now, though i am told that could happen in the future. it is more of an “IM” interoperablity.

  6. Someone just mentioned why this is a big deal? Well it is the first sign of interopwe have seen in the highly siloed world of instant messaging. Yahoo-Microsoft are still talking about it, and well, this is good. What if every domain owner ran a jabber server of their own (dreamhost lets you do that) and now can talk with a decent sized community. maybe just me, i do find this a positive step forward.

  7. Mac and Linux users can use Gizmo Project which will allow them to reach Google Talk users and actually is a much more advanced IM and VOIP product than GoogleTalk. Gizmo Project has smileys, call record, 1 cent a minute calling, virtual numbers, offline messaging, free voicemail, etc.

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