5 thoughts on “Google, the King & the King Maker”

  1. I would like to vote in your Gigaom Poll on “The Trust Factor” for Google, but I feel you need to first add another option … “No, I do not trust them!”

    Why would they need to be “like (or the new) Microsoft” in order for me not to trust them? I trust Microsoft more than I trust Google! I do not think it’s fair to group them into a company that they are so different from.

    My vote = [x] No, I do not trust Google!

  2. Google is definitely the king and will likely remain so, but it needs competition to keep it honest and many people want supplementary services they can go to for a different look at a topic/keyword phrase.

    That’s why we at Bessed still feel there’s a place for human-powered search results. It’s not a plan to “kill” Google but to give a human-vetted option. In many ways people are already using Wikipedia in that way; we feel that in time we can provide another option for those who want the hand of a human involved in their search results.

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