16 thoughts on “YouTube AdSense or AdSnore”

  1. since this is such a intricate mix of content and ads (as opposed to adsense, which was purely ads), site owners will need a lot more control over what’s in the content.

    if google is suspect about matching the ads to content (as adsense does), i don’t think it’s a good idea to attempt to match content to content! site owners are very picky about the content, and even mighty google even with all it’s brain-yard probably isn’t quite there to please them just yet.

    it would’ve been nicer if they let the publishers browse the sponsored videos and pick the ones that they wanted to play on their site. i for one would be willing to do it..!

  2. Om:

    I think there are several more challenges with this:

    -Google continues to believe that ultimately the big media companies will accept disintermediation of their business models-not going to happen.

    -Google continues to view publishers as simply raw material for their business models. Publishers will demand control over what content gets shown on their site, and Google will be very slow to provide them with any sort of control. As a result this will see slow adoption by publishers.

  3. No one is lining up to buy this offering. I hope they aren’t working these sales into any long term sales projections. They might not crack $1000 in stock value if they keep coming out with crap like this.

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  5. YouTube + AdSense makes total sense.
    What you’ve got in YouTube is a cool video delivery infrastructure, and it would work well for one of the largest advertising mediums : TV ads. Imagine tapping into that sort of ad network and making it available over the web. Take that one step ahead and open it up for user-generated ads (for just about anything) and you have a very cool way of distributing rich-media ads (and im not talking flash) over the web.

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  7. Yes, AdSense has the most ridiculous targeting and monetization engine, Om. I don’t know many people other than you, who makes any money off them.

    Now they are advertising “Rhona Mitra” on my site. LOL!


  8. @Sramana – Rhona Mitra on your website is definitely funnier than Adsense putting M&A and VC accountant ads on my blogger blog for digital media(350 plus entries with digital media topics – only input into that “adsense-less” alogrithm is one word in my profile for private equity)- and they keep serving up those useless ads day after day.

    Yup – I have made a whole $7.02 from that “money machine”. My grandkids might get a surprise check for $100 when it hits that limit in a few decades!

  9. 1.I think it is indeed a big deal, YouTube and AdSense combined together is a vast network. Also Google is a “No Evil” company, the program will be further extended to small and mid size artists / publishers, just wait.

    2.AdSense so far is the best available product in the market when it comes to delivering context sensitive ads. AdContext & AdCenter are good for nothing.

    3.The product as a whole lacks Google’s WOW factor, but for sure they are going to monetize it now.

  10. Hi
    I know it’s super long time after the original post. But I did try the video ads because on some level it DOES some like a good idea; people love short interesting videos. But what I found was that if Google couldn’t find a matching ad they would just serve up a black screen. So no money there.

    And the reason I wanted that solution to work is because my content matching is SO bad. It’s the search for the fix for that brought me to this site.

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