6 thoughts on “Google Voice Finally Open to U.S. Residents”

  1. i hope google succeeds in becoming a telephone company via the internet, as a cheap alternative to the monopoly of wireless companies who rip us off. wirelss is way over priced

  2. I wonder who kills more companies with their innovative products ? Apple or Google ? I guess it is Google. Apple has been unable to kill blackberry, nokia, Adobe yet, but Google will kill blackberry,nokia, GPS device makers ha ha. Apple unable to kill kindle as well despite all the successes of IPad, IPhone and IPod. Google is disruptor no. 1

  3. Awesome! I’m sick and tired of getting ripped off by cell phone co.s – overpriced contracts and overpriced text messaging – forced to use ATT……….I’ll use google instead for sure!

  4. I hope that this service is also available in Pakistan as well. like NSN was working in Pakistan. You can still find “NSN” application of facebook and you can call to any network with out even installing anything.

    I used it much but i am not sure weather it works now or not.

  5. Om wrote: That said, when used on other platforms such as BlackBerry, Google Voice is marred by poor sound quality, especially as calls are routed from other numbers.

    A GV call is not a pure IP call. I don’t understand how it would matter which platform is being used for Google Voice. The call is routed through regular phone lines regardless of which platform your smartphone is on. I have used GV on the Blackberry plenty of times with absolutely no difference between a GV call and a regular phone call.

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