30 thoughts on “Google Voice Comes to the iPhone via the Browser”

  1. To all those that chastised me when I said HTLM5 web apps trump local installs, all I can say is – “I told you so!”


  2. FINALLY! I had to jailbreak my iPhone to get GVMobile on there and the recent GVMobile+ was nice upgrade, but I’ve been waiting to see what Google brings us in web app form. This looks quite nice. While I still wish for a more native app, it’s nice to see Google pushing the boundaries of web apps.

    1. This doesn’t seem to be released yet. When I goto m.google.com/voice it shows me the old Google Voice site. I’ve cleared my iPhone safari cache and logged out and back in.

  3. Google Voice on my iPhone! Better n peanut butter in my chocolate!

    I love my iPhone and for my business use a Google Voice number for clients (all in US), admittedly because it’s far more memorable than my main line. I have used Google Voice much less that I could, however, because I’m doing more and more (and more) on my mobile than on my laptop. This could be the start of something great.


  4. We tried this earlier, and it worked quite well for us. It won’t use the iPhones Contacts list, but that’s not always a huge deal if it’s been synced with your Google Contacts or if you simply know the phone number that you’re dialing.

    Also to note is that the Google Voice access number pool seems to be getting bigger, as they seem to be trying to get calls routed through pops that are geographically closest to where the call originates.


  5. If you leave the Google Voice app open in Safari and close Safari it seems to still be active in the background. I haven’t tried sending an SMS to see what happens, but it’s definitely keeping Safari open as I used a jailbreak app to see that Safari was still open, and I observed the phone using 3G while it was supposed to be doing nothing. Potential battery issues, I would think.

  6. Peccato che questa rovina l’esperienza per gli utenti di iPod touch, perché per effettuare chiamate in uscita, è necessario selezionare “tuo” numero di telefono. Il mio dispositivo non è un telefono cellulare, e il numero che voglio usare per le chiamate in uscita non è coerente (dipende da dove sto AT).

  7. This BREAKS iPod Touch use.

    The headline could read “Google Blocks iPod Touch Users From Using Google Voice.”

    Very disappointing.

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