12 thoughts on “GoogleNet Goes To Mountain View”

  1. Why does Google even bother with a relatively small area if it plans not to expand beyond. There are a lot of hassles and costs to the learning curve coupled with no economy of scale efficiences if further expansion isn’t planned.

    What’s up with that?

  2. i imagine being a mountain view company, they have some goodwill in that part of the country. nothing more i would guess. it would be cheaper to extend their own networks and build out the network?

  3. Kickass, I am moving to Mountain View this month. With $15/month DSL hookup broadband is not terribly expensive anyway, but free WiFi would be always nice.

  4. Kickass! Looks like buying a house in 94043 was a good move after all.

    Of course, steel construction could really kill that in a hurry. Looks like Speakeasy shouldn’t write off my $50 just yet.

    I think Mountain View would make a good test bed for future wider deployments…I doubt they will be content just to cover SF, or even the entire peninsula, if there turns out to be a business model buried in there somewhere…

  5. Maybe Google should buy someone like t-mobile and offer data(which is pretty much throughout major metro) and voice/IM. Data for laptop/desktop and Google can pretty much give the wireless card away relatively cheap and the cell phones can be pre-installed with google IM and software to complement their offerings like IM, Maps, Search,GoogleTV in the future and so on and on. Just a thought…

  6. I saw only a headline in Palo Alto Daily about Google offering free wireless in the city of Palo Alto — didn’t have time to check further. Any confirmation of this? Haven’t been able to confirm online. Maybe they were talking about Mountain View as is reported in the SJ Mercury News and here on this blog. I’m hoping Google will offer free wi-fi in other bay area cities pretty soon, as I’m still on 56K dialup.

  7. Sorry, I was wrong about the above post — after checking further, the Palo Alto Daily was reporting on Google’s offer to the city of Mountain View, not for Palo Alto.

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