10 thoughts on “Google's Babble: It's a great idea”

    1. They are doing this to keep from pulling the plug. It makes sense to integrate these services. These communication systems are essential to Google.

    2. They pulled the plug on Reader because RSS is going the way of the dinosaurs. When communication starts going extinct, that is when they will pull the plug on Babble.

  1. Given Google’s recent track record they’ll most likely ruin the products we use while doing this.
    I already started talking with friends about what we would use if things go wrong.

  2. When Google becomes an outright communications provider, something they are obviously cutting their teeth on in Kansas as we speak, these things are going to simply melt into each other.
    If you act with any surprise at this rumor, you obviously don’t have a Chromebook. The
    work to make these devices (really really big) ‘phones’ is already on its way into production.

    1. The only surprise here is that it took them so long to do it. Don’t really see why they had to re-work several chat implementations, when they could use the first one (GTalk) and gradually add features.
      I just home that XMPP with federation stays. Otherwise it will be just be Yet Another Walled Garden Messaging Service thrown in the pond.

  3. If your speculation is correct and they are heeding your insight it’s shockingly slow performance from Google. Maybe they should call it Jabba – kind of provides a visual.

    And, yes, like Tom G. says, what happens when they change the playing field a couple of years later? where’s the long-term vision?

  4. You’re living Google’s vision right now. But do you really expect them to pull an Apple and stagnate to death? There Is the future to consider as far as your “change” rants go …

  5. I solved this issue in my head a while back…they need an “EGOT”, or what we will call GMHP. Collaboration creates advances for society and broader audience.

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