12 thoughts on “Got a Twilio-based App? Get Some Investment Dollars”

  1. Didn’t TWILIO release some numbers recently that indicated they had 20-30,000 Developers working with their APIs? It was some phenomenal number for a small venture.

    Out of those, there aren’t 10 worthy projects?

    Aren’t Developers who are interested and hip to this platform already there? Makes you wonder why they need to run this like a Cattle Call? Maybe for the PR of it all? Or, to keep people from migrating to competitive platforms?

    I sure with these kind of questions were asked when a Post was being written. Some logical questioning rather than re-hashing of a press release. Please?

      1. @dave Sorry, thought my questions were pretty clear?

        I’ll try again…

        I presume any Developer working with Twilio APIs today is ahead of the curve. So, of the 20-30,000 current projects, why aren’t you sifting through and investing in 10 of them directly, rather than doing the Cattle Call?

        It just seems counter-intuitive.

        If you’d announced funding of 10 Developers currently working with Twilio, you’d likely have attracted even more new talent coming to the platform. It would have been “more real.” But, if there aren’t 10 viable candidates already there, will there ever be? I guess that’s what I was wondering.

        It just seems an unusual route you’ve taken. But, hey, that’s what makes the World an interesting place. Hope it works out.

      2. @Bob Roberts: ok, sorry now I understand. we *HAVE* already invested in several startups using Twilio for their solution (Mogotix, TeachStreet, HomeBoodle, others). in fact, as Om mentioned it was when we started seeing these startups use Twilio that we thought about coming up with the micro fund idea.

        does that answer the question?

      1. There are MUCH easier platforms to develop. It is just an asterisk with AGI wrapper. Lot of vox’s have done it – Cloudvox which is now ifbyphone, invox with their drag and drop designer to build apps in just few steps and of course Voxeo – the real guerilla in this market.

  2. Another great app market, is Broadsoft’s App Marketplace…for those interested in developing on a platform already integrated into large global carriers.

  3. Yeap, as @sam mentioned it, lots of other guys have done, even we have :). So actually, it would have been much better if the fund was announced for Cloud telephony based apps, rather than just twilio apps.Just sounds too PRish.
    Because whatever you can develop in Twilio you can just as well develop in all other Telephony API platforms and just as easily.

  4. OK, this is an old post, but, relevant today. . .

    What happens when a (high profile) VC/Angel sets up a fund for developers specific to one company they already invest in. . .THEN, they “pass on a submission?”

    That Developer is dead in the water. It’s actually done them a a disservice by creating a fund of this nature, since it means an all/nothing for the Developers working with it. It creates a one-shot scenario.

    Anyone working with TWILIO could port their code to competitive platforms (VOXEO et al). But, they could not stick with TWILIO if @Dave “passes” on them.

    Proverbial double-edged sword. Surprised no one brought this up yet. But, I’m watching a Developer die (figuratively) right now because of this.

    It’s a crap deal for Developers working with the platform, since it creates a Company Store mentality and limits their prospects.

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