4 thoughts on “Why Gravity, a New Startup, Can't Defy Gravity”

  1. Some more detail about the features or the core idea of the conversation engine would have been good. Whatever you do please dont make something like public waves 🙂

  2. “Now if you buy the spin, you still have to keep in mind that mining unstructured data for near real-time sentiment analysis — essentially what Gravity is claiming to do — is not an easy task.”

    Meaning = Data augmentation with [my]data

    Or nothing is a random/unstructured as it looks. Only if you have no base data (like a conventional computer) is a conversation simple unstructured text. Otherwise you would not know what this means. It’s basically a decomposition problem, which can be parallelized.
    From my experience it takes roughly a $100k trained cluster to follow and extract the meaning of any given conversation in real time. None learning clusters should be cheaper.
    I don’t know about the advertising part, but some other folks might be interested in their stuff. Iff they get it working.

    1. Agreed!

      The company is making some major claims, and as you rightfully point out, the infrastructure involved isn’t for the faint of the heart and not cheap. I think that alone puts them at a disadvantage and will make the future a challenge.

  3. Their focus seems to be largely on analytics and monetizing conversations. They don’t seem to be addressing the fact that forums, wikis, email and twitter do not foster a great environment for group discussions, that is where the real innovation needs to happen.

    At Ask My BrainTrust (http://askmybraintrust.com), our goal is to have meaningful conversations. We’re live, we have a business model and we didn’t need 10million dollars of funding.

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