4 thoughts on “Gray Market Will Give Cisco & Dell The Blues”

  1. The PC market has been preparing for (and expecting) a slowdown for years now, and with the economy now, it will definitely happen. Cisco will definitely have to pair down their prices a bit to keep cash coming in.

  2. Don’t you mean the ‘used’ market? Gray market goods travel from one region to another, usually from regions with lower wholesale prices to regions with higher wholesale prices. But stuff that’s been installed and then returned to the market is just used.

    By the way, expect a lot more black market goods, too – stuff sold as new by other than the manufacturer whose brand is on it. Desperate Chinese contract manufacturers, including the ones who manufacture for OEMs – will be working with desperate parts suppliers to circumvent brand owners and sell their own, part-for-part identical versions of branded goods in the US. Maybe we should call this ‘red market’.

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