8 thoughts on “Grokster Decision, Gross Over Reaction”

  1. Bingo!!!

    Om, you’ve nailed it again.

    The only other thing I might add is that all the ruling does is to ALLOW a lawsuit. Winning in court is another thing altogether.

    Basically all the court did is say you can’t abuse the Betamax ruling, BFD. Anything taken to the extreme is troublesome.

    The really big question is just how does the RIAA plan to take our houses in the name of the “greater public good”. vbg, sorry couldn’t resist.

  2. Very nice article, Om. Especially the phrase ‘Digital Disobediance’! I don’t think many other people besides Indians will get the connection with Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence movement. Sometimes I wonder how much wisdom of past years we can use in the 21st century. I remember one of his quotes –
    “What is morally wrong, can never be politically right”
    That, of course, has to be remembered by both the users as well as record company executives!

  3. abhiji,

    Dude, you completely misunderstand the “disobedience” reference.

    A couple of quick points:
    1) Every american familiar with MLK knows that he co-opted Ghandi’s non-violence movement.

    2) The reference is uniquely American in nature. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with two heavyweights of american history, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his onetime appentice, Henry David Thoreau.

    Please read HDT’s essay “Civil Disobedience” (~1850).

    The point of the ruling is that there is a line between moral “civil disobedience” and outright criminal objectives.

    Nevertheless, Consumers are still in the drivers seat because we can vote where it really counts, the cash register!!!

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  5. Oops Charlie, I forgot about Thoreau altogether! Haven’t read anything besides ‘Walden’ – he’s the original disobedient. I guess I showed my ignorance there! Give me a couple of decades to catch up!

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