32 thoughts on “Gtalkr, Web-Based GTalk Client”

  1. As a Mac user, you’ve been able to use GTalk IM since day 1…just use iChat’s Jabber option.

    GTalk does not (yet) speak to other Jabber servers, so you’re stuck talking to only other GTalk users, but IM most certainly does work through iChat. iChat only allows one Jabber account to be active at a time, so you have to choose to either talk to the GTalk universe only, or all your other Jabber contacts.

  2. yeah, but try using it behind a corporate firewall and GTalk just doesn’t work too well. I agree, the GTalk is limited to Google’s network, but I don’t see much traction for Jabber elsewhere right now. I think this is a good start and the app is called gtalkr after all. 🙂

  3. Awesome stuff. A bit humorous that the first mapping extension made available for Gtalkr is Yahoo! Maps. I guess it makes sense since Yahoo! does offer a the API for its Flash mapping service.

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  6. Does no one else have a problem with going to an unknown website and plugging in username/password?

    The functionality of these services is great but I get chills thinking about privacy, security and identity theft issues.

  7. Scott,

    I think it’s a fair enough of concern that entering your Gmail credentials in a brand new website is probably a bit worrisome. To put you hopefully at ease, we don’t store your password anywhere on the server. The communication between your browser and our server, and between our server and the Google Talk server is secured using SSL.

    Our privacy policy has been completed, but I’ll re-iterate all of these points and more in that document.

  8. As a Mac user, you can also use the excellent Adium.

    iChat and Adium should work behind any corp firewall that allows outbound TCP connections.

  9. Supposedly Identity 2.0 will solve the password trust problem; you can log in to a service but they never see your password. But when will it deliver?

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  11. Most IM services do *not* log your conversations, that’s very close to defamation. Google, for instance, specifically states that “Google Talk does not archive the contents of your text or voice communications on Google’s servers.”

    Feel free to give up your privacy by giving unknown third-parties complete access to your Google accounts, but lets not get hysterical.

  12. Hi, was wondering if anyone could point me to a list of web-based open source voice and messaging applications in the same line as Meebo and Gtalkr?

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