29 thoughts on “GUBA, Google of the Usenet?”

  1. Om,

    a couple years ago, a friend of mine and me, Joerg Battermann, we started newzbin.com – a usenet indexing service a.k.a search engine which is now run by a couple more guys. It might not look as fancy as guba, but actually has way more features and is quite cheaper.

    I am no longer actively devloping the site, but the folks over there do a great job indexing usenet’s binaries.

  2. Copying their idea? They copied the idea from Easynews.com. Which offers more data at a higher speed and for a longer period of time. They have been doing this since 1994. Do some homework, blogmeister.

  3. well, great job on helping us keep Usenet underground and away from the *IAA’s next round of attacks in their holy crusade against file sharing.


  4. I was a member of Guba off and on back in the day when they were the only game in town. Then I switched to UsenetBinaries.com because they were slaughtering them in pricing and retention.

    However, after being a member of both sites, I dont know what they have to sell here. Usenet images and video is basically a gigantic porn collection with a much smaller and erratic selection of ‘other’ content.

    I did notice that Guba had put on this family-fresh new ‘Multimedia’ frontpage design with Googlish ‘safemode’. Now I know why.

    Google Groups certainly surveyed the situation before they launched and decided there was nothing interesting there for them, I dunno how Guba is going to dress that up with a 1999ish PowerPoint presentation.

    Nice article for your neighbors though – you got them slashdotted!!!

  5. I’ll join the others in saying “these aren’t the only guys in town” – nor are they even doing it best or cheapest. Just search Google for “usenet binaries” and you’ll find other services like this, some with many more files online and some cheaper.


  6. You might want to mention the huge quantity of kiddie porn and other illegal content that finds its way through guba’s magic filters. Joining that site is like inviting the FBI over for bong hits…

  7. actually, the best (and i’m biased since i’m a subscriber) is in fact, http://www.newsguy.com although not as flashy as guba, it works superbly for text and multimedia. they licensed their web interfce to easynews.com, and are cheper than both guba and easynews.

  8. Correction: Newsguy did not licsense their interface to Easynews. This is the founder and co-owner of Easynews.com. We made our own interface and global search. We started in ’94 and were the first to bring usenet to the web. If you are interested, our forum is open to the public at http://forum.easynews.com/

  9. [quote]GUBA decided to make a play for finding rich media in the Usenet groups. “We wanted it to be a subscription service, â€? says Thomas Mcinerney, who started the company with Eric Lambrecht. “ISPs used to charge for Usenet and well, that’s what we thought was the business model.â€?[/quote]

    $14.95 for searching a free service? Leechers leeching off the leechers… who on Earth is going to pay for a service like this?

    You used to pay ISP’s for bandwidth.

    I trust the RIAA will come knocking on your door, not only for aiding the distribution of illigal material but also profiteering.

  10. Another web based usenet index you lot should have a look it is http://www.ngindex.com/. We carry only index the data, but cary every group and all the data. As an added bonus, you get to browse all the images just like you can on guba but for a hell of a lot less!

  11. whoops! i’m so sorry! i meant to say webusenet, not easynews. i read the wrong nme of the list in leechguy, the best downloader for web frontend based usenet.

    currently supports newsguy, easynews, and webusenet. use it to make the most of the web interface.

  12. well if guba is just an index… which i didn’t think was the case, i thought it was a usenet service provider, and the one with the nicest search interfce really.
    if it is jsuan index though, then easynews and newsguy are the best alternatives, sinc ethey actually provide the feeds as well. esynews hs the best retention, no doubt. but i much prefer newsguy’s interface, which is more rich in capability. monthly, they both cost the same (at the moment, but prices change…), although download limits vary, whereas half-yearly, and annually, newsguy beat easynews out, who only provide 1month sunbsciptions.

    both of hese services are metered unlike various unlimited offerings, but this also allows them to provide a cheaper, better, quicker service.

    if i were interested, i’d take advantge of both companies trial offerings and see which one you like more.


  13. Om,

    I am dumbfounded that you would hold up GUBA as a success story. Let’s get real! GUBE peddles teen porn. I’m guessing you don’t have daughters. You said, “I am saving the best for the last: they will soon offer downloads that will play on the video iPod.â€? Teed-porn on my iPOD! How can that possibly be something to celebrate!? Highlighting, in glowing terms, how great GUBA is at using searching technology to create a wonderful business, is like complimenting the BTK serial killer on how effective he used nylon stockings to strangle his victims. Shame on you.

    Cary Stronach

  14. Cary said: “is like complimenting the BTK serial killer on how effective he used nylon stockings to strangle his victims”.

    Consuming porn is just like being a serial killer. Love the analogy, Mr. Puritan. Don’t like it, don’t click it.

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