10 thoughts on “Guba, Veoh Clean Up Their Act”

  1. type the search term “porn” into their site and prepare to be disgusted. no disclaimer, no over 21 disclosure page, etc.

    So these clowns want VC money to sell subscriptions to harvest usenet porn?

    Web 2.0 bubble, what bubble????

  2. There isn’t any porn at all. I just did a search:

    No Matches Found for query “porn” in General Videos

    I love their interface for browsing media. It’s great to be able to get a montage for a video without having to download the whole thing. Also, getting videos delivered straight to iTunes via RSS is brilliant.

  3. Tainted by adult content? Usenet is built on the back of adult content. Without gay themed Star Trek fan fiction, there would be no Usenet!

  4. Google serves up porn too. Go to Google images, turn off safe mode, and you can find tons of it. The Internet puts information at your fingertips, that’s the whole point. What you search for is up to you. Unless you’d prefer to have George Bush telling you what can you look at, be thankful for that freedom.

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