4 thoughts on “H-P to Apple, lets call this whole iPod thing off”

  1. I’ve read it both ways in these early reports…HP called it off, and that Apple did.
    Doesn’t seem to me to make much difference now as Apple has such wide distribution, HP just doesn’t matter anymore.

  2. Good. The thought of a crappy, uninnovative company tainting an iPod with their bastard logo is just cringeworthy. I’m sure the whole Mac community is rejoincing. HP Invent. Yea right. Let the unwashed masses deal with their shoddy products.

  3. HP is sort of an evil empire, built on vastly over-priced ink cartridges for ink-jet printers for use with PCs. The only reason the ink cartridges cost so much is because the print head is built into them, instead of being permanently afixed to the printer. To use an old-time analogy, that’s like having to buy a whole set of keys each time you bought a new ribbon for your typewriter. Many people buy do-it-yourself cartridge-refill kits but clearly most people keep on buying new cartridges.

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