7 thoughts on “Hacking Skype In & Out”

  1. Why would this have a huge (financial) impact on Skype? Isn’t TalkPlus going to cost $120/year vs E30/year for SkypeIn (I doubt the E will get up to $4 any time soon). TalkPlus has more features, but it costs more. If TalkPlus is successful, that just provides Skype an incentive to develop a premium version of SkypeIn that offers similar features to TalkPlus for a price that is higher than SkypeIn, but lower than TalkPlus — E60/year? Either that or just buy TalkPlus (get software and eliminate competition seems like a good move). So, TalkPlus has the ability to impact the future of Skype but hardly in a negative way.

  2. Om, thanks for sharing this with us. Looks really cool as it is another way to access your skype friends through a regular cellphone. Having said that, it looks like you still need to use airtime.

    I have been having fun using skype mobile (skype has a version for mobile phones) on my pocket PC phone (it has quad GSM and UMTS and Wi-fi). I use the Wi-Fi feature to do skype calls so I don;t need to subscribe to data servics (which is so expensive) or use up my airtime. I can also browse the Internet using the Wi-fi feature. The skype mobile feature makes it easier to use sype on my “mobile” phone.

    Just thought I share this info as I am currently a happy skype mobile user using the Wi-fi feature on my phone to make free call-my DoPod 838Pro (which I bought in HK a few weeks back and which Cingular will launch in the US on the 15th Nov in US calling it Cingular 8525.)

  3. I am a new use of dopod 838pro. I have tried to download skype mobile till now got NO success. I follow every steps. The RUN box never appeared. Did I do something wrong do I missed any thing ? or do have to unlock something in order to run the skype ?
    So guys, please guide me step by step to make my skype work.

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