4 thoughts on “Happy 10th birthday MLB.tv. Now that's what I call sports TV”

  1. Now, imagine what kind of revenue they could make if they didn’t black out games…

    Signed – Disgruntled baseball fan somehow in FIVE local markets, none of which are in my state, all of which are > 2 hrs away driving….

    1. Completely agree. I would GLADLY pay MLB money directly if they didn’t black out the one team I really care about watching on a regular basis. And I pay for cable that covers all of those games any way, but I want the ability to watch on my computer monitor while working or following along on my phone if out of the house. Unfortunately it’s not yet doable and so they won’t get my money.

  2. Want the double-blackout bonus? Live in a TWC area of San Diego (or U-Verse). Since Fox Sports acquired the Padres’ local broadcast only customers of Cox Cable and DirecTV get the local games. So for us TWC subscribers (as in Del mar) who also have MLB.TV, we have to attend the games to see the padres, which is difficult when they are on the road. Niether AT&T or TWC has yet to come to terms with Fox, so 45% of San Diego county is on a Padres blackout full time.

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