2 thoughts on “Here comes a hot new chip for Internet of things”

  1. While a 32 bit CPU is nice, it really is all about cost, peripherals and radios. TI’s RF unit they bought up from Norway and Sigma Designs’ Zensys unit bought-up from Denmark (notice a trend here?) both have centered on 8-bit processors. Even Freescale has done most of there efforts on their 68xx architecture. Yes, as features keep shrinking and chips become driven by I/O pad size it becomes inevitable that some will push 32 bit CPUs, but if a little hardware support is added for comm protocols, the need for 32 processors becomes unimportant. Most widgets from thermostats to dishwashers have no need for a 32 bit code for their application. Indeed, an 8 bit process could always be designed to be more efficient that a 32 bit unit.

    1. GreenerEE

      From what I have heard from various sources, it seems there is a lot of desire for 32-bit CPUs with a 2013/2014 time frame in mind. In the near term, most are interested in 8-bit or 16-bit processors

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