16 thoughts on “Here's who will cash in on iPhone 4S bonanza”

  1. Those who say this is to be expected because the iPhone launched on more carriers are partly right. More carriers = more opportunity for sales. However let’s not forget AT&T also said this was the best iPhone launch they’ve ever had. And they were selling it exclusively for years.

  2. Re: the “meh” media reception- I think that was mostly due to a “meh” announcement. I think everyone understands that the “s” stands for “incremental”. It’s not like you can reinvent the iPhone every year.

    1. Siri *is* a reinvention, but not one that you can measure in a spec sheet, therefore it is not understood by tech writers, most of whom are way out of their league with iPhone because it is more sociology than specs.

      Another thing they did not understand is that the outside enclosure of iPhone is like a hardware accessory API. Changing it would have obsoleted thousands of accessories. There may even be more than 100,000 accessories. So anyone who had even just 10% of a clue what is going on with iPhone should have known it was not going to change shape. iPhone 3G/3GS and 4/4S is like Leopard and Snow Leopard, the lack of change was deliberate. It had a function. It is a feature.

  3. Just my opinion, but the ‘media’ created the iPhone 5 furry….not Apple….so the only ones anyone can upset with for not putting out the iPhone 5 would be the media…I never recall Apple putting out ‘iphone 5’ mock ups and write ups….

  4. Well, case manufactures, per usual. Because even though the design has not changed, a lot of buyers will new to the iPhone4.

  5. All the iPhone case makers will definitely benefit. While users may not be happy that a new iPhone design was not announced last week, case makers like Otterbox and Speck will have have a slew of new customers that will buy last year’s designs because they still fit.

  6. I have two years worth of productivity software sales now to look at and a very stable position in our product category, both iPhone and iPad. I believe that our sales every day are exactly some percentage of Apple’s device sales. In other words, our sales equals x% of iPad sales plus y% of iPhone sales.

    With that in mind, Apple selling more devices can only be a good thing for us software developers.

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