2 thoughts on “Hey Bud, Your VideoPod Need an EyeBud?”

  1. Having invested in eMagin this time 2004, and exiting the stock a week ago to get the loss on the books for 2005, I can tell you I watched this company run itself into the ground for two years straight. Their technology is impressive, but their execution is terrible. Don’t get your hopes up here.

    BTW – what kind of immersive experience can you get from watching a movie/tv show using one eye? This only adds to my opinion that their execution is terrible.

  2. I also question the one eye thing. This makes sense for a military application where multitasking is required, but seems a poor fit for immersive experiences like watching movies or playing games. For non-immersive videos, like brief clips, the built in screen on the iPod is fine. At $600, I don’t see a lot of takers.

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