7 thoughts on “Hey Transistor, Happy 60th. Now Move Closer”

  1. Storage follows a similar law. It’s been called Kryder’s Law, and states that the number of bits per area doubles every year. Continued growth in storage may be even more important that in processors because the value of content stored there is growing on the same trajectory (or faster) than either physical device.

  2. Good point Pete. I think there are some fundamental problems in the “physics” of technology as we know it that need to be tackled. From an innovation standpoint, it is perhaps the most exciting time – but I often wonder when it is going to happen. Last I checked the R&D investments by the US Government and US companies were shrinking.

  3. The ability to stuff more processors or more transistors onto a chip pales in comparison to the ability to create software to run on these megachips. That’s the real problem and it’s only being addressed now by companies investigating new standards and the use of virtualization to design software and hardware concurrently. You can get the performance of a multicore chip by using an accelerator, usually on a small FPGA, paired with an off the shelf processor. It costs a lot less, gives you what you need and takes weeks to deliver a design, rather than years.
    Just because it can be done doesn’t mean you have to do it.

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