3 thoughts on “His Masters Voice: Do This Get Rich”

  1. Om, if you’re so smart (he-heh), and could come up with these new ideas, why aren’t you knocking on the doors of Sequoia and Kleiner Perkins?

  2. hey it is called open source business ideas. take them, innovate around them. me and smart, have not been accused of that lately. anyway i am a monday morning quarterback type anyway

  3. Since you’re into ideas and wireless, here’s an idea. Surely you’ve heard of that recent invention “hypersonic sound.” If not, here’s a link:


    In the article, the inventor doesn’t seem to show any real practical uses. But i had a thought. In the same way as restaurants and libraries are offering wifi, this can be added. With WiFi, you need a laptop if you want to access online music libraries. With these “hypersonic” speakers installed above each table, customers at each table can choose and pay for their music at an in-store jukebox/kiosk and have it played for their table alone. A couple at a restaurant can have their song played just for themselves without disturbing their neighbors. No earphones or computer needed.

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