Hosted VOIP ain’t all that

One thought on “Hosted VOIP ain’t all that”

  1. The model just hasn’t been proven, you’re right. But it’s the next Hotmail when it does. Once the industry realizes a method to leverage all of the existing pops, like a network such as Primus, then the hosted IP PBX features offered at a yearly fee or next to free will cause a rush of people going into the service. From an enterprise point of view, yes it’s a hard sell. Going with consumer based products you will benefit faster and work closer to the dollar than being the enterprise company unless you are a Guru of VoIP and promise to personally hold the hand of the companies you are deploying day and night. Consumers are more forgiving and have no problem putting 60 – 300 dollars a year extra on a credit card. That’s my 2 cents.

    Ryan Gibson,

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