12 thoughts on “Hot Deals, Big Money: What's Up With Silicon Valley?”

  1. People are loathe to use commuter fastrak lanes, they will pay a dollar extra not to be geo-tagged. There’s way too much enthusiasm for location based services, imho.

    As for these large deals, they aren’t that big compared with how much money is sitting in the funds and the size of investments in bio and cleantech – some of those deals can be huge and you ommited Tesla, which is set for IPO.

    What we need is a Netscape moment, when suddenly Netscape stock price started soaring for seemingly no reason, that was the signal for the dotcom bubble. And I think we will get another bubble like that, but this time it might be in cleantech rather than tech…

    1. Cleantech is like nano tech .. It is supposed to be huge and game changing but it is too boring for consumers to create hype…

  2. Location is not the only context phone apps can provide. Every small app can be structured to provide context for a special use case, in contrast to general use apps.

    For example if you ever did it to yourself to read the Google Rater manual, it becomes absolute clear one can beat Google by transferring context with search. Ok and the few billion to build a nice set of Data Centers.

    As I said many times, the future is going to be build around context aware and driven apps, good old client server on steroids(context is mostly local). Status is just that, but what can we really do with it and automate(make it work for us).

    We know how machines can build/learn context including abstractions, what is missing is using those. But maybe the intermediate step is organization and build “normal” apps on top/using that organization. Or using specialty apps. as the organization base as the first step.

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