10 thoughts on “Housing Downturn Catches Up With Corning”

  1. Om,
    Really. “pimp out their pads” “cribs?” Damn, you’re so ghetto, homeboy.
    Now that football season has started, maybe sales will pick up.

  2. Om,

    Good luck with the search, however I must warn you. For the second time this year, my Zenith 50″ plasma shocked me with a loud “POP” followed by a missing picture. Clarification, first time left my wife and I no picture whatsoever. This time (last night) we’ve got shadows, still not viewable, but at least shadows this time around. Of note, last time took Best Buy 2 months to repair, this time we shall see.



  3. I don’t understand why people feel the need to buy these monstrous TVs. Seriously. Our house has two 19 inch RCA TVs from the early 1990s. One of them has lost three of the buttons on the face. The TVs still work. They are watched every day by members of the family.

    Until the televisions break or we can no longer use them because the cable companies stop providing analog channels, we have no intention of replacing these TVs. Let the prices keep coming down!

  4. Dameon,

    It’s more about better resolution. I think where the cause is HD, the effect is that HD video actually looks great on bigger screens and you no longer need a separate room to house a monstrous TV. The reduced case size and better quality makes the bigger screen sizes accessible to a larger group of consumers.

    Computer monitors and graphics cards have gone through a similar evolution, just much quicker since there is no broadcasting technology dimension to worry about. I’d choose an HD TV over a standard def just like I would choose an LCD over a CRT for my computer.

  5. Had to stop at 46″. All of our rooms, like our home, are designed to be small and livable. If I went larger – in the corner location for our HD set – I’d start overlapping windows.

    For some reason, my wife likes windows as much as HDTV. I figure I can always go outdoors.

    Samsung LCD fan, BTW, Om.

  6. @John I am not opposed to the higher resolution of HD, I just don’t see the need to replace a TV that works perfectly fine. The higher resolution is not a compelling enough reason to spend the extra money for either the extra cost of screen or the (extra) cost of content acquisition.

    I also do not want televisions to dominate the room, which is what most of the current televisions do. When the time comes, I will be looking below 4 inches.

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