10 thoughts on “How big is Dropbox? Hint: very big”

  1. Great story. Impressive company. What I love most about his vision is this:
    “consumer apps and bring them into work” – BYOD
    “filesystem for distributed data”
    “makes your life easier and have stuff with me wherever I am”
    “no technical termonology like backup, synch etc”

  2. I hope they can use their clout and solve some big problems. The industry needs a standard way to have documents delivered to a secure dropbox account from businesses. Example: I need my Electric Bill, Water Bill, Credit Card Bill, Bank Statements dropped into my secure account every month. Anyone who has actually tried to do on-line statements with email notifications can tell you how bad the industry is at the moment. It’s easier to scan the paper statement than to logon to every website and try to find the latest statement. We need a fast and easy way to get important documents to us from the companies we do business with. Dropbox is in a perfect position to own the Business to Customer secure communications channel.

    1. That’s a great idea Doug. You should chat with one of the online banking bill aggregators that don’t work very well. I’d pay for this.

    2. If your bills are dropped like that into your box, it would also mean potential cost reduction, since less paper is being used and less stamps are being needed.

  3. No mention of how to use it or where to find out , I know it is for outside your PC storage but for those of us ignorant of it. So how do we find out ?

  4. I am testing Google Drive because of a price factor mainly to backup pictures. But Dropbox seems to work much better as I use it for documents.

  5. Wow great indeed. Other companies are indeed trying to catch up. I’m also interested in their profit figure

  6. I built an Android and chrome app called DocDock that combines Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com, and Skydrive into one interface. You guys should check it out 🙂

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