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  1. This is at found+read, not an answer to the question:

    I love these questions of the day posts, and generally try to read all the replies. It would be great however if FR did follow up posts that summed up the answerers as well as quoted a few replied directly to give me the reader’s digest version ;)}

  2. Hi Michael, we’re delighted you like this format. What you express is exactly what we have in mind — ultimately you’ll find a catalogue of all this useful information and commentunder the tabs Read:Questions and Found:Answers. Evenutally, you should be able to search through these catalogues in different ways to find what you need by subject. But for now I’ll work on a digest of responses to each question and post them at the end of the week. Thanks for your comment and suggestion, Carleen}

  3. If you’re looking for Southern California angel investors, there are a number of good angel groups here very well plugged into technology investments. I’d suggest the Tech Coast Angels (www.techcoastangels.com) and the Pasadena Angels (www.pasadenaangels.com), for starters. The Tech Coast Angels is the largest angel investment network in the nation.

    You might also be interested in looking at some of the smaller venture capital firms in the Los Angeles area: partial list here: http://www.socaltech.com/vc.php (disclaimer: I run socalTECH.com, which provides technology news and information, along with a venture capital database focused on Southern California)

    There’s a number of seed-stage, angel-sized funds here who might be interested in your company.

    Southern California actually has an extremely vibrant investor and high tech community — it’s #2 in the nation in terms of venture capital activity.}

  4. Angels hide out with friends of angels. Connections are needed to tap this cash parked at the side of a road.

    Talk to your accountant, lawyer, friends. There are Angel companies and Angel persons. I say, find the Angel person. Someone who already made it big and is looking to jump in again with a new idea/company/product/people. Not all Angels are the same. Some are looking for different things.

    You need to know firstly, what you want and what the Angel wants. It must fit for both of you. Some Angels want to be part of the process and others want hands off. What do you want the Angel to be?

    Put out the word you are looking for an Angel. Go to your local University, and talk to some Profs etc. Do some postings online to various sites. Place ads. Use GoogleADwords.

    There is a lot of cash parked on the side of the road. Go get it.}

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