2 thoughts on “How do you value a startup without using revenue projections?”

  1. So I am not super seasoned in this regard, but if you don’t have revenues, patents, etc, the valuation of a team early on seems to be much more about who is on the team (background, experience with startups, experience in your chosen industry), the idea itself, and the barriers to entry from competitors. Another other option is to forget about valuation, and focus your energy on getting something to market by bootstrapping. Angels will be a lot more receptive if you have signed a customer (even if the revenues are low)
    As for equity – best of luck in giving away only 10% unless the dollar amount you are looking for is really low, in which case – refer back to the bootstrapping comment.}

  2. Amit – just noticed that there was a whole series of separate posts on this topic, which I just read:). My suggestion would be to focus on finding a beta partner/customer to work with. If they see value in the idea, they will work with you.}

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