6 thoughts on “How Much Money Did Joyent Really Raise?”

  1. I find this claim rather implausible:

    “Joyent plans to take cloud computing to a place where our competitors, built on virtualization foundations such as VMWare ESX, Microsoft HyperV, Xen, KVM, won’t be able to go.”

    In reality Amazon is dominating the cloud computing landscape, and when I use AWS I don’t care what virtualization foundations they use. I looked at Joyent’s pricing, they start at $125/month for a small node, and Amazon EC2 starts at 0.085c/hour for a small node, which is about $62 for a month, but the point of cloud is that my nodes can come and go, so I don’t want to buy them by the month. Amazon also has recently added double and quadruple sized large nodes with more memory than Joyent, who seem to compare their services to outdated information about AWS and I don’t see any equivalent to Amazon S3 or SimpleDB, or Elastic MapReduce.

    So if Joyent can actually get their feature set to where Amazon already is, they might become interesting, if the price is right…

  2. I don’t get what joyent advantages compared to Amazon are? We are moving our file hosting and collaboration service to Amazon (EC2, S3 and RDS) and after spending a while on Joyent could not figure out what exactly they are offering or why they are better than Amazon!

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