12 thoughts on “How Pogoplug Works”

  1. Good work, Om, this sounds like a truly innovati e product and I’m shocked that there aren’t more comments about it. Maybe you should focus on the pogopug app that allows you to use your iPhone to access your hard drive anywhere.

    1. That is indeed funny… the iPhone part of your comment. I think you are spot on the innovative part, for the team has built a pretty solid product that totally rocks. and i can imagine the potential of something like this once it has been turned on.

  2. I think this is awesome.

    I have ordered a Fonera 2.0 which may be slihtly less powerful than Marvell’s latest ARM processor, but is just $49 at fon.com and as far as I understand works with a fully open source platform for applications to run on it’s Linux platform.

    Basically it’s a FON WiFi router with a USB host plug so you can connect any hard drive, usb key, HSDPA dongle, connecting more than 1 using a USB hub and have all kinds of applications running on it like NAS/Samba local file sharing, http/ftp server to access all your files from the Internet, uploading your files to web services like Youtube, Flickr, rapidshare, or online backup storage (eventually synchronizing all the files with another Fonera 2.0 on the net), downloading and seeding BitTorrents, seeding and leeching stuff on Emule and more. Though the Fonera 2.0 as far as I understand is only powerful enough to handle 2 BitTorrent or Emule files being downloaded/seeded at the same time.

  3. Om,

    I’ve got one question on how this thing mounts when you are connected via the internet, say from a coffee shop. Does the Pgoplug drive still mount itself like a network drive on your Macbook Air?

    1. nitin

      yes it does. it is independent of any network connection. you download a little piece of software and install that locally. It makes drag-and-drop even simpler.

  4. The thing that makes me look at Pogoplug and SheevaPlug and not like the Pogoplug is that Pogo has access to my data. Why would I want that, especially since they are a startup that is very likely to get bought by some unknown bigger player?

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