4 thoughts on “How serious is Yahoo about Voice?”

  1. The consensus seems to be that Skype has reduced charges for long distance calling. Since they resell services from wholesalers, the only thing they have eliminated is the need for POPs and access charges at the originating end. So I do not see the deflationary trend set by Skype.

    Alternatively, as I have argued at other places, one can offer parasitic “Out” services on top of these IM clients, if the voice chat has good quality.

  2. Buying Skype just to take it out would be self defeating. Look how fast it grew. Whatever came along to fill the void would grow even faster. And buying Skype would solidify the build it and flip it pot of gold to incent that next thing, garantying they would come strong and fast.

  3. I think its the opposite, Google needs skype more than Yahoo. Google dosn’t have an IM offering, yet. And look at what integration with Messenger did to msn spaces, it has more blogs than blogger.

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