7 thoughts on “How South Korea got its Broadband Mojo”

  1. The point Mr.Om is that once the governments decide to act in nations interest, a lot can be achieved. The same experiment can be replicated in India if the policy makers decide not to persist with moth eaten ideas.

  2. Om:

    Very interesting post and one that hits on some of the social factors as well as the active government role in the success of broadband and mobile technologies in Korea. Having lived there and having worked with the Korean government in the past as well as interacting with the tech industry there, there’s no doubt that Korea wants to be a global player in Broadband, Mobile, and Multimedia. SK’s recent move here (with Earthlink) is a good indication. I think the other factor that will help Korean companies is their relatively strong affinity with Chinese culture, which should give Korean companies a relative edge over Japan, their biggest competitor in the region in addition to the other Western competitors. Should be an interesting decade for Korea to see if they can indeed become global. In addition, there are MANY, MANY innovations in Korea that we could learn from, although, the applicability of those innovations makes sense in the same way here is another story.

  3. Great piece though I tend to believe one key angle is missing here. Yes Korea did build a Broadband Nirvana but its a xDSL Heaven which carries technical limitations. Japan was slower than Korea to adopt xDSL therefore decided to leapfrog and go straight for FTTx which might in a very near future create an interesting situation and move Broadband heaven to Japan leaving Korea struggling with getting Wibro a sound future.

  4. laurent i agree with the limitation sof xDSL, but you have to see them in light of the specific geographies. in certain nations which are dense, small and have never copper loops, actually copper – xDSL is a good option for next ten years at the very least. it is a disaster waiting to happen in the older loops and widespread countries like US and China.

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