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  1. A nice writeup. Also is it helpful to look at local possible biz partners and ‘use’ them to market your services? What are the common pitfalls for such scenarios?}

  2. Great points. I was given the advice once to think about ‘your product/service space’ as an ecosystem. People you think of as competitors could be possible partners and visa versa. Thinking about things in this way also helps you clarify what market you are really in or potentially should be in.}

  3. Very practical advice – especially if you are either new to thinking strategically about marketing or rethinking current strategy.}

  4. Makes a lot of sense. Agree that there are a lot of useful points regarding rethinking a current strategy.}

  5. Great article! Helps to clarify a few strategy points that tend to get lost in the shuffle. Rethinking partner relationships and adding viral initiatives can expose a number of new ideas or approaches!}

  6. Jeff-

    You’re preaching to the choir on putting customer-centricity 1st and foremost in your marketing strategy. I recognize it’s far more difficult to do what you did (come out first, and write the article) than what I’m about to (stand beside it and criticize 😉 but I have to mention- did you realize you described visitors/customers/people as USERS a total of 15 times? As a marketer, I’ll wonder aloud how many positive associations to being labeled a *user* exist.

    The difference between users (of say, a tool) and people (who makeup the audience, of say, a community) is one of motivation. You’ve no doubt heard the famous, people don’t buy drills, they need holes. Sure improving the feature set should increase market-share, per se, but in my experience is not usually following your advice of aiming to return the most bang for your buck.

    Again, I agree with a lot of your solid points- take a walk in the audience’s shoes, expect to keep learning about them (by measuring *what they do* not what *they say they will do*), and adjust your resources accordingly. I’ll simply add I believe there’s a more scientific way to do this than just the principles you’ve laid out… but perhaps that’s a subject for a different article. Thanks for taking the harder spot, and putting something out there for the community to comment on.}

  7. I hate to nitpick, but the credibility of your opinion drops sharply for me when you don’t correctly spell the plural of “shoe” as “shoes”.}

  8. Great job of reinforcing the importance of the user, the person whose problem you are solving.
    So many companies build products and services from inside their company board room, or the CEO’s wife having a great idea, and not focus on the market of user needs.
    If any of your readers would enjoy learning more about the power of being intentional about who you are, what you do , and whom you serve, my book is downloadable for free at http://www.outbsolutions.com called branding backwards.

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