4 thoughts on “How to get ZyXEL working with Vonage”

  1. Om,

    So everyone who reads you (and me) the issue was not getting the Vonage account set up. It was pulling a DHCP set up.

    Seems the problem is related to chipsets and the lack of compatability. I *THINK* and am awaiting a call from Zyxel’s lead in support that the issue is how it deals with MIXED 802.11b/g signals with the Microsoft wireless gateway.


  2. Andy,

    I’m wondering if you ever saw the piece over at Tom’s Hardware (maybe 2 months ago?) which specifically reviewed tons on 802.11 equipment and found that much of the equipment fails to work as advertised, ie at the “so-called” standard rates.

    Mostly when the devices worked, they often were only operating at 1 or 2Mbps, not 11 or 55, etc.

    Lastly, since wireless, just like ethernet, is a “shared” resource, this means that all it takes is one crappy device to downgrade the experience of everybody.

    PS. I’m so ready for UWB!!!
    More bandwidth, less power!!!

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