4 thoughts on “How to get ZyXEL working with Vonage”

  1. Nah – that is a made-up#. Even I know that sometimes it is not a good idea to put one’s number online! He he 🙂

  2. Om,

    So everyone who reads you (and me) the issue was not getting the Vonage account set up. It was pulling a DHCP set up.

    Seems the problem is related to chipsets and the lack of compatability. I *THINK* and am awaiting a call from Zyxel’s lead in support that the issue is how it deals with MIXED 802.11b/g signals with the Microsoft wireless gateway.


  3. Andy,

    I’m wondering if you ever saw the piece over at Tom’s Hardware (maybe 2 months ago?) which specifically reviewed tons on 802.11 equipment and found that much of the equipment fails to work as advertised, ie at the “so-called” standard rates.

    Mostly when the devices worked, they often were only operating at 1 or 2Mbps, not 11 or 55, etc.

    Lastly, since wireless, just like ethernet, is a “shared” resource, this means that all it takes is one crappy device to downgrade the experience of everybody.

    PS. I’m so ready for UWB!!!
    More bandwidth, less power!!!

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