16 thoughts on “How to pick a smart phone?”

  1. I just bought my first smartphone, the Nokia E62. I didn’t really plan on using it for work stuff but do love that I can open and edit spreadsheets on it. I’m really looking forward to the series.

  2. this sounds like it’ll be a great series. my $0.02 would be to make your post #7: “How to choose a smartphone?” before #1. to me it would make more sense for you to give us your criteria for a smartphone first, show us the models, then tell us which one you pick based on the stated criteria.

    just a thought.

  3. Interesting. Very. I have used a number of smartphones over the years, from the old Ericsson R380s through the Nokia 9500 communicator, to my present the Nokia E61. In it all, I find that for my own needs, my smartphone must have: 1. a capable email client; 2. a top-grade web browser that can handle javascript, cookies, secure sites etc; 3. MS Office compatible document editor; 4. a capable QWERTY keyboard, and 5. Extremely good battery life. There are other factors, but these are essential to me.

    Looking forward to reading your series.

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