One thought on “How to upgrade Mini Mac, a Pictorial”

  1. I just upgraded 3 Mac Minis (did i pay some royalty to McDonalds when i purchased those … lol) with 1 GB Ram and a 5400 RPM Fujitsu 40 GB/8MB cache (a 7200 rpm drive would increase only about 10-15 % more but cost almost twice).

    150 U$ extra but those MiniMacs are rocking cheapo SuperMacs now.

    It was a piece of cake to open the cases using the putty knive, just handle with care same as you should handle women. 2 sturdy but friendly “clacks” will reveal all
    the inner secrets and – man are those guys good!! – !! Well not pink inside but blue – my favoured color; a zillion little silver coloured ants crawling all around.

    I’ve got USB aluminium housings for 9 U$ a pop which fit into a chest pocket,
    perfect data carriers those left over, slower drives!

    By the way after changing the drive, i packed the “old” drive into a 9 US$ aluminium
    USB casing, restarted with the OS X CD and instead of installing the system new just opened Disk Utility from there, formatted the new drive, restarted again with OS X CD and with Disk Utility now run “restore” so to mirror the “old” drive’s content into the new drive – it was a bit faster than installing the system all-over.

    – any ATA-6 2.5″ 9.5 mm drive will do
    – I’ve seen the RAM type of the MiniMac advertised as PC2700 333 mHz but in fact Apple ship’s the machine with PC3200 memory which is cheaper. Don’t waste your money with the PC2700 RAM!

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