15 thoughts on “How useful is Google's Account Activity”

  1. I would, for instance, like to know, what data Google has about me that is highly personal — the search queries, my profile and what not. And then give me one click to delete that information, as often as I want, without holding on to it without my permission. Unfortunately, not going to happen!


    Been there since 2009. http://articles.cnn.com/2009-11-05/tech/google.dashboard_1_google-docs-privacy-and-data-users?_s=PM:TECH

    1. Thanks for pointing this out sciwiz. I was surprised by this article and was going to link to that very same page. This is the kind of misleading rant I expect at TechCrunch, not GigaOm. 🙂

    2. Yes unfortunately it takes 2-3 button presses to delete your entire account and all associated information. That is entirely unacceptable. It should take just one button press…and be in the middle of your screen…on every Google service you use.

  2. Om, why does it seem that you just hate Google, and it seems like it’s because they won’t listen to you, won’t give you any importance. Again it seems like heart to heart you would have liked to work for them…

    1. Lol. I am not sure where you got this idea that I hate them. Hate is such a strong word. What I don’t care for is their half-baked, unfinished products which they continue to foist on people. And if you think I would like to work for them, think again amigo. I work for me – and that’s good enough.

      1. Well, I would agree the comment above was a little emotional, but only as much as your coverage of Google perhaps is. And I use ‘feel’ and ‘perhaps’ only because I recognize that these are just that – based on having read you and gigaom regularly for a long time. I have not gone back to research statistically in how many of your posts you have been positive about google, or not.
        It just seems that you are covering Google only when it comes to a time to lecture them. Agreed some of their products are half baked, but that makes them quick to production, while they then work it out. In privacy matters, sure Google seems to be held to higher standards. Smaller players aside, even Facebook and Apple don’t seem to be held to that level of scrutiny. Etc, etc. But many people still like to use Google. Actually too many.
        Sure you don’t want to work for Google today, because you have nice start-up going on here, and that’s appreciated and growing. Kudos to that. What I implied was that perhaps you would have liked Messers Page and company to have you as an adviser, acknowledge what you say about Google (that they loose it when it comes to people, etc.), and take your suggestions as to how to fix it. But it looks like, they just don’t care. If they do acknowledge you, we readers wouldn’t know.
        But as the force behind Gigaom, you do are expected to be even handed and fair in your coverage of topics. You are no less than an editor of a news daily who is expected to always call an apple an apple, and also be responsible. So look at the comments you have solicited on this post. There is surely a view gaining ground that you are biased. Not only against Google, but I also feel you are biased for Apple, and even more for something like Spotify.
        Anyhow, sorry that my comment rubbed you the wrong way. Frankly I was expecting it wouldn’t even get approved. But I like it that you were fair to approve it, and human enough to come back and respond pretty humanly. Yes Om, you have done well with Gigaom!

    2. They don’t hate Google personally. Google competitors is launching another Google smear campaign, the thrid wave since january. GigaOm is just approached by PR firm suggesting what to write.

  3. Om, though i dont always agree with you, keep calling it like you see it. Many of the responses to this article have more emotional han objective. During times of disruption in tech, these are harmless responses to a hot topic. However, this attitude taken by leaders in tech, that need to get “back into the game”‘ is harmful.


  4. Kinda early to crucify it I think. I like how googs releases new stuff all the time, half-baked or not. This article is equally half-baked… would’ve been nice to hear G’s perspective — maybe interview the PM on it…

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