9 thoughts on “How Will the iPad Change the Apple Stores?”

  1. I personally think Apple will blow the projected 6 million ipad units. I agree that once you realize the value of the ipad, you will be downloading apps particulalry books and related contents

  2. Interesting — which “side” does the iPad go on? If either one, it’s probably a failure. If it’s somehow it’s own category, it will be successful.

    Anybody else think there will be pushback on iPad app prices? I wrote about this jokingly on my site because just 2 years ago who knew we could get Madden 2010 or iWorks for about $10 – $20. But, has the iPhone gotten us used to thinking that we should only have to pay about $1 – $5 for an app.

    1. I agree. I think in my opinion they should build a brand new retail experience to highlight why iPad is different. Anyway I don’t think they will be able to charge too much money for the Apps. I think between $1-to-$3 is the sweet spot and encourages a lot of random downloads. I see that is not going to change anytime soon.

      1. I have read surveys where respondents said that they want to do more browsing on iPads and I tend to agree with them. Simple/silly apps may not sell well on iPad. More useful and heavy apps will sell on iPad and these will tend to be more expensive. So, my bet is that the average price of apps that sell on iPad will be more than on iPhone or iPod touch.

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