8 thoughts on “Napster can still be hacked”

  1. There is a software called Total Recorder that can plugs right into your sound card drivers and can capture songs from there. DRM cant do anything about it. Even streamed songs can be captured and saved (though the quality might not be that good).

  2. Just dont pay 40 dollars for the new Virtuosa because it wont work… I still cant get WinAmp to work either.. Any help???

  3. Virtuosa just stopped working. I suspect it is checking for license approval with napster before access, and probably sending an application ID, which is now being refused by napster (this is my theory). Total recorder works fine, the problem with driver level capturing is that is 1X capturing. With virtuosa, I was able to download and reencode to mp3 about 10 albums an hour.

  4. Maybe if people would stop posting all over the internet how to crack the protected wma files, Napster will stop changing their code? If that’s how it works…

  5. I don’t understand why companys and people make this so complex. You can’t protect sound from being copyed! If you can hear it you can record it, whats to stop me from plugging a tape recorder into the speaker jack of my computer.

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