5 thoughts on “HSDPA will beat WiMAX”

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  2. I came from the field of telecommunication, from my experience … HSDPA will not beat WiMax … impossible.

    Simply because HSDPA is build on top of 3G, and it is not practical to build 3G infrastructure all around to increase coverage. So … in terms of coverage and implementation cost, WiMax is a very attractive choice.

    Please prove me wrong 🙂

    By Avatar Ng.

  3. IT seems Om is no longer an independant thinker. HSDPA is subsidised by a oligopoly of GSM operators. That much money can make a serious fight against Wimax or iBurst but the technology is certainly worse and cannot support quality VOIP.

  4. Some things to keep in mind:
    1. HSDPA will at best, once deployed and experiencing normal high volume traffic, will deliver 500-700Kbps of bandwidth-download. This is unacceptable for the type content/applications the market will make available: Streaming Video, P2P data & video traffic, Multiplayer Gaming (symmetrical required) VoiceIP.
    2. Both Verizon Wireless & AT&T/Cingular recognized the above and will be shifting their Video/TV type traffic to the new Broadcast Network from Qualcomm-MediaFlo. This will allow their subscribers with proprietary ($$$)Dual mode Phones to get Video/TV Programming while allowing the carriers to focus their Cell efforts on improving their Voice business.
    3. Where the duo WiFi/WiMAX will dominate is in the Metro Area Market where it will deliver real Broadband Data Links to address the P2P, Video, VoiceIP traffic these CellCo cannot handle effectively. Why would one use a Cell Narrowband solution for data that restict usage levels and selection of services at a premium fee when one can get 3-10Mbs Link at a flat monthly low rate with symmetrial Links?
    When the new 802.11n systems (especially the 5Ghz version used in backhaul) start being deployed in these new Metro Mesh Networks last mile capacity and performance will immediately increase and latency and QoS capabilities will increase. Good for WiFI Bad for Cell

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