6 thoughts on “HTML5 lovers rejoice: Famo.us to make its platform free for developers”

  1. I don’t get it… How is this going to help to visualize the big data? Isn’t the whole idea of big data that it’s so big that individual elements (that’s what this visualizes with periodic table example) aren’t possible to process in a traditional way and the small selection has to be made first? But if that’s what it’s dealing with (small selection) then it’s not big data anymore…

  2. Isn’t this the kind of stuff that people were doing in Flash in the late 90s? Maybe this company wants to “Party Like it’s 1999” :p

  3. It doesn’t seem to work very well at all on my Galaxy S3. The responsive design seems to be off and it isn’t very smooth at all.

  4. the demo looks good and for html5 it is impressive.

    But if the big replacement for the flash plugin is to be the famous plugin which does what flash did 10 years ago… was it all worth it?

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