2 thoughts on “Huawei backlash?”

  1. Om,

    A bit off topic but this type of response seems to be a recurring theme lately. For Huawei, all the recent anti-China backlash (i.e. Haier and Maytag, CNOOC and Unocal) sure can’t help their efforts either here or in other countries.

    At a simplistic level, it’s a bit concerning that Chinese investment in US companies is cosidered a risk, while major U.S. banks (Merrill, Goldman, BofA) investing in state-run Chinese banks is fine (http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/19/business/worldbusiness/19yuan.html). I know it’s a more complex issue than my little mind can comprehend but can’t we all just be friends….

  2. john,

    you are dead on. It’s all cool when every private equity shop is setting up shop in China – the next big consumer market, but the minute the chinese EVEN think about acquiring US assets – all of a sudden it’s china – the biggest communist country in the world.


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