7 thoughts on “Huawei's Grand Ambitions Made Clear With BT CTO Hire”

  1. Very good post. I currently sell into the CALA telco market and have been completely amazed with the traction Huawei is gaining. Thank goodness I sell software and not hardware.

  2. Huawei is a phenomenal competitor. We see them in our emerging market in Optical and they pretty much clean house. Its growth is phenomenal but it does need to grow its services operation to get the kind of recognition and traction and margins it needs. So a high profile hiring to manage and grow that business would be far more scary for the western companies.

    Its financing offers to customers are like dodgy credit card debt to me and servicing that debt even if all good should cross a billion a year soon. Huawei is not going anywhere though. Cisco and Alcatel just need to fight a holding battle in core and move up the value chain.

  3. How long can Huawei be funded by the Chinese government. At some point it has to turn around and be profitable. The source of the growth is unending cash like the dot.coms. Its going to hit a wall somewhere.

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