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  2. That’s really odd.The myriad of other blogs across the U.S. and the world, exposing Bush and his chronies for the crooks they are, are continuing to flourish. Perhaps they were too late to the party.

  3. Give it time. It took Matt Drudge years before he perfected the art of stealing major paper’s stories via his network of press-room cabana boys, inflaming the nation with half-truths, simplistic rhetoric, and photos of Barbara Streisand out of makeup.

    Anyone who hates this rising development of pontificating blowhards on the left, can thank the seething river of blowhards on the right.

    My guess is half of the Huff-Post’s early traffic was thanks to that idiotic story by ex-RIAA chief Sherman, where she pouted about DRM.

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  5. Give it a little time. Speaking the truth to power is a difficult thing. Here are some translations.

    Terrorists: People who don’t have tanks, planes, or nuclear submarines.

    Insurgents: The Free French who killed German soldiers and French collaborators.

    War on Terrorism: The establishment of military bases and profits for Halliburton.

    Conspiracy Theory: Any facts presented that indicate that 9/11 was an attack by a foreign government.

  6. America: The Great Satan…At least according to this idiot.
    Yes we get it, you hate your country. Now run along to class, your professor might say something else “profound”, don’t wanna take a chance and miss it do we Johnnie?

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