5 thoughts on “Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on Hulu Plus, IPO, Studios [Video]”

  1. So, networks are used to being paid for content no one watches, as a result Hulu (standard) will continue to be blocked on TV connected devices. HuluPlus, it seems to me, is more about solving that issue than getting the full season rights.

    Kilar says Hulu is “customer focused” but considers the networks to be customers (not suppliers). I have a hard time accepting that they’re trying to deliver what viewers want when they don’t offer an ad-free version. While I’m sure their market research is correct that the vast majority would prefer $8+ads versus $25 ad-free, the work required to build both is minimal.

    Om, I appreciate your style and I know this is a confrontational question, but what I really wanted to hear was “does Hulu really want to be as profitable as possible or just put out enough content to keep people from torrenting their favorite shows?”

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